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Price of CCTV Camera in Nigeria

If you are considering getting a CCTV camera system, then you sure will want to weigh your options before concluding on which CCTV camera to go for and one of the major concerns will be the price of CCTV camera in Nigeria market.

The prices varies on a lot of factors but we would try to give you a very clear picture of how much it will cost you buying CCTV camera in Nigeria.

First, lets start by listing out the things that comprises a full CCTV surveillance system and accessories needed for a complete CCTV surveillance system.


The above items is all you need for a full CCTV camera installation.

Note: we are going to stick with only analogue cameras as it is the most commonly installed type in Nigeria and its cheaper than the network IP cameras.

Item Description Price (₦)
indoor AHD Camera Analogue HD camera (720p) for indoor 15,000
outdoor AHD Camera Analogue HD camera (720p) for outdoor 18,000
DVR iCloud enabled Digital Video recorder (DVR) – 8 channel 42,000
Power supply DC Power supply box (9 channel) 15,000
HDD SATA hard disk (500GB) 15,000
CCTV cable CCTV RG58 Cable with power (300m) 45,000
BNC plug BNC video plug 100
Power Plug male Power plug 100


Note: the above is to just give you a basic price of CCTV camera in Nigeria as prices may be more than that or less depending on the brand and specification.

The above cameras are only 720p cameras, there are 960p and even 1080p Full HD cameras which are more expensive.

Costing of installing CCTV Camera in Nigeria

1what type of camera do you need? indoors are meant to be inside while outdoor cameras can withstand harsh weather conditions from the rain and sun
2How many cameras will you be needing? how many indoor CCTV cameras and how many outdoor CCTV cameras
3Depending on the numbers of camera you will be needing, that will determine which DVR to buy either 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel 32 channel etc. the number of cameras = numbers of channel of DVR
4How long do you want your video footage to be stored? this will also be determined by the numbers of cameras, compression type of the DVR, format/quality of video storage etc. basically 500GB of hard disk can store 4 channel CCTV camera’s video footage of upto a month
5The lenght of cable to get will be determined by the distance of the cameras to the DVR.
6DVRs comes with a power plug but for cameras a power plug will be required, its more effective buying a general power box for all the cameras, each having its own channel, so a 9 channel power box can power 9 cameras etc

This are all you need to generate for yourself an estimate price of CCTV Camera in Nigeria.

This list will be update with the current market price.


Our Price for full 4, 6 and 8 Channel CCTV Kit

  • 6 Channel CCTV

    ₦183,000 /Full Kit
    • 6 – Cameras
    • 1 – DVR
    • 1 – Power supply
    • 1 – 1TB HDD
    • 150m- Cable
    • 6 – power plug
    • 12 – BNC plug
  • 8 Channel CCTV

    ₦243,000 /Full Kit
    • 8 – Cameras
    • 1 – DVR
    • 1 – Power supply
    • 1 – 1TB HDD
    • 300m- Cable
    • 8 – power plug
    • 16 – BNC plug

***Note all our CCTV camera are cloud  enabled and can be viewed from anywhere in the world on phones, tablets and computer.***

view cctv on mobile

Contact us for purchase and installation anywhere in Nigeria we charge same price.

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Battery Powered CCTV

We can install your CCTV camera to be powered by battery or solar, which will power your CCTV camera 24/7 without an inverter.

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