How to View Your CCTV Camera online from anywhere in the world

Most homes, offices, schools, restaurants stores etc now have CCTV camera installed, this is a good approach to combating crime and putting your home and property under surveillance.

Over the years we have tried to solve major hindrances to why people are not installing CCTV camera in their homes and business places and why those that have it installed are not putting it to maximum usage.

Read below our findings and solutions:

  1. Supposed high price of CCTV camera in Nigeria:  this was the major problem we found hindering people from installing CCTV cameras in their homes and business places. Note that CCTV camera are now very affordable and we wrote a post on how to pick the best and cheap CCTV camera solution at a cheap price. read here: Best Cheap CCTV Home surveillance cameras installation
  2. Power problem: this was the second problem we found out as surveillance system will not be efficient if not running 24/7  but with the current power supply in the country that may not be possible so we came up with two solutions to help power CCTV cameras 24/7 Solar powered CCTV Camera and Battery Powered CCTV Solution with this solutions you can get your CCTV camera running for 24 hours every day.

xmeye cctv camera

Recently we found out some clients wants to be able to view real time video footage of their home/property/business etc from anywhere.

Over the years this has been a big challenge in Nigeria since internet is expensive and also our ISP do not offer static IP which makes it very difficult to setup CCTV cameras for online monitoring.

All that is history now as you can now get internet service for as cheap as 3000 naira to take care of remote monitoring of your CCTC camera system of a month.

ISP still doesnt offer static IP but we have a technology now that can work fine even on dynamic IP, its called peer to peer (p2P) technology.

With P2P cloud technology your CCTV camera can be setup online in just few minutes and you will be able to view real time video from your CCTV camera from anywhere in the world over the internet.

There are apps for android, iOS, windows and for PC and Mac.

You can contact us for further inquiries via [email protected]

  1. I need security camera for my home. Once with at least 8 camera points, that can record and store for up to one month, ability to back up recording, option of auto/manual deleting of old and unwanted videos and ability to see my home on my laptop or mobile phone anytime and anywhere in the world via the internet.
    If you have product that can serve this purpose, kindly send me the details with the price. And I would also like to know if I can do the installation myself. Thank you

  2. hi…… i want to know if ur cctv camera can be installed by myself….after buying all the components from you. thank you.

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